With a world surprised by the uncertainties — emotional, financial and fearful fallout of our most recent worldwide concerns, we are here to support you however we can.  

This is about a global awakening experience and our focus will be on the solution and inner peace available for us all during these seemingly and apparent difficult circumstances in the world right now.  

Our goal is to help people from around the world to remember, realize and know our own true Identity in God and to tap into the Truth of what and who we really are to experience as best we can The Peace of God in the midst of a storm.  

Live In Peace During These Difficult Times  

You are not alone...

Our message is simple: We know a way to live in PEACE during these difficult times and our community of teachers, therapists, business owners, moms, dads, brothers, sisters and mighty companions are here to HELP YOU. 

The Format: 

We will be available on Zoom every Wednesday for a 60-minute satsang-style gathering – listening, sharing and meditating... so we can hear, know and remember the Truth above all the raucous shrieks of the world, and experience Inner Peace instead. Click / tap the "Register Now" button to sign up...

Our Mission: 

OUR MISSION at teachersofgod.org and for our panel of hosts: to be a Light in this world and share ideas and practices from a spiritual perspective based on A Course in Miracles and other traditions. We have dedicated our lives to God, to teach only love and to be a healing presence in the world.

This is a time of Healing, Comforting and Blessing our neighbors with the Love of God and to help each other to remember the Truth.  

Love, The Universe